On critical reviews

I am a hard critic of what I read, especially in the thriller genre. I think it earned me a couple side glances from other authors when I post reviews. But I have nothing but respect for them. I’m thinking of a few specifically, and I really admire them. 

The author, left. His conscience, right.
The author, left. His conscience, right.

I’m no one. I haven’t yet published. I push myself and think too much about others. It’s hard to share that sentiment across the Internet transom

I want fiction to be better. I want writers to push themselves. I want nothing more than to have them see me as a colleague.

I’m in a strange infancy with writing where I know I can do this, but almost no one else does yet. I have nothing to show for it. No way to connect with others except for the obvious — reading their work and providing some reviews.

I like to think I understand the grit it takes to write fiction. And for that, my hat is off to those who do it.

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